Fit3d pro

The Fit3D ProScanner is a fast and accurate body scanner. In an approximately 35-second, non-invasive scan, it captures body measurements, body shape scoring, posture analysis, body composition, and more. It also shows how you compare against healthy ranges and others of the same age and gender. You will be able to compare your initial scan to any future scans to track your progress. A 3D avatar helps keep you motivated by visually seeing the changes in your body as you work toward your wellness and body-shape goals.

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fit3d scannermeasures

Body Composition
Posture Analytics

how much does it cost?

Our GLP 1 weight-loss clients receive FREE body scans with their three-month commitment. Fit3D scans are available to others for an initial scan of $40 and follow-up scans for $20.

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